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I. Executive Summary

An executive summary should be written to summarize the important components of the business plan. Ironically, this is the first section of the business plan, but is the last section written. Its purpose is to convey to the potential financial lender or investor, in two pages or less, the relevant points of the business venture. Therefore, it is written after the entire business plan has been prepared.

The executive summary is a written version of a one to two minute pitch. In other words, imagine that you are “pitching” your idea to a potential investor and only have one to two minutes of their time. To convince the potential investor this is a good investment, you must condense your message into a package of key points about the business. The executive summary must capture the reader’s attention. If you cannot capture the investor’s attention within the first two pages, then the chances of the remainder of the business plan being read are not very good. The following information should be included in the executive summary:

    • Company name, address, and phone number
    • Brief description of the business
    • Brief description of your target market
    • Brief description of your strategy to make the business a success
    • Brief description of owners and key people, including names, contact information, and experience
    • Brief analysis of financial needs of the business, including planned use of borrowed/invested funds