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Plan Your Business

There are two basic reasons for preparing an extensive business plan. First, it requires the entrepreneur to thoroughly investigate the factors that will have a bearing on the success of the business. Second, it will enhance the ability of the entrepreneur to secure financing by providing an organized overview of the venture for lenders and investors. It also provides insight into the entrepreneur’s ability to define and develop strategies for critical areas of the business.

The following outline has been prepared to help the entrepreneur assemble the facts that are essential to good business planning. Complete your business plan using the accompanying outline to ensure that the necessary details are included. Keep in mind that thoroughness, clarity and rationality of the plan are all factors that will play key roles in successful financing, starting and operating your business.

Because these guidelines were written to cover a variety of businesses, rigid adherence to them is not possible or even desirable for all businesses. Not all parts of all sections will be necessary for each individual’s business plan.

To get these guidelines in a printer-friendly format, click here: Business Launchpoint.