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Entrepreneur Resource Publications

U.S. Small Business Administration Resource Guide
The 2013-2014 Mississippi Small Business Resource Guide provides a wealth of information on SBA’s vast array of credit and non-credit programs and services. This publication gives needed information and direction for start-up entrepreneurs, existing small business owners, and those people who are contemplating one day to become their own boss.
 Directory of Mississippi’s Planning and Development Districts

The Directory of Mississippi’s Planning and Development Districts is a publication of the Mississippi Association of Planning and Development Districts.

This document may contain material to which the Mississippi Asso­ciation of Planning and Development Districts maintains copyright protection. No part of this document shall be copied without the advance written permission of this Association.

Entrepreneur's Tool Kit

Thinking about starting or expanding a business? Don’t know where to begin? The Entrepreneur’s Tool Kit  is an excellent resource to help with all of the requirements for starting or expanding a business.