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Entrepreneur Resource Associations

Thanks for your interest in SCORE-Mississippi!

We’re delighted you have chosen to help us help business owners and entrepreneurs in Mississippi.  We seek volunteers of various backgrounds who are committed to maintaining performance standards for our clients at the highest possible level.  Volunteers can facilitate workshops, mentor business owners, do office administration, be an Ambassador, or do other activities.

Volunteers must agree to abide by the SCORE Code of Ethics which is intended to help protect both the volunteer as well as the business owner.  It is a five page document that informs you of the guidelines and standards of a SCORE volunteer.  SCORE volunteers are specifically prohibited from accepting compensation in any form from SCORE clients.  There is a signature page in the Code of Ethics that must be signed and returned.


1. SCORE Code of Ethics (22Mar2013) 

2. Click Here to complete the SCORE on-line application.  
Once your application is received, it will be forwarded to the SCORE national office for approval.  You will receive instructions in about two weeks, by mail, to complete the online orientation. 

3. Contact the Gulfcoast SCORE office after you submit your application so they can follow-up.

Gulfcoast SCORE
2510 14th Street, Suite 105
Gulfport, MS39501
Phone: (601) 405-44054.

For more information about SCORE please go to  

We sincerely appreciate your support and participation.

SCORE- Mississippi